Krylov, Porfirii Nikitich

(Born in Schelkunovo village in Tula district in 1902. Died in Moscow in 1990)
The artist was one of the three members of KUKRYNIKSY (creative collective of the Soviet satirical draughtsmen. He was the Hero of Socialist Labor, People’s Artist of the USSR, the member of the USSR Academy of Arts, the laureate of Lenin Prize, of 6 State Prizes of the USSR and of I.E. Repin Prize; he member of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Arts.
He was studied at Tula Art Studio (1918-1921, his teacher was G.M. Shegal) and in Moscow Higher Art and Technical Studios (Institute) (1921-1928, his teachers were A.A. Osmiorkin and A.V. Shevchenko). The artist was the postgraduate student of P.P. Konchalovsky. Since 1924 along with M.V. Kupriyanov and N.A. Sokolov he worked in such newspapers and magazines: “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Literaturnaya Gazeta”, “Pravda”, “Prozhektor”, “Krokodil”, “Smehach”, “Smena”. During the Great Patriotic War he worked in “Windows TASS”. Porfirii Krylov’s pictures are stored in the Tretyakov State Gallery, Russian State Museum and other major museums in the former Soviet Union.