Gorodilova, Nina Aleksandrovna

Nina Gorodilova - born in 1971. Born in Glazov UR (USSR). In 1995g.-he graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design at the Udmurt State University (Russia, Izhevsk). Her main line - a psychological portrait. But her interests and landscape, and genre works in the Impressionist vein. The composition and the style will not be repeated, assuming that each individual work. Consciously seek to fine texture and fiber in the painting, but smear-free manner, so its work can resemble watercolor, tempera, mixed techniques. Works in private collections of famous people: BB Grebenshchikov - (a portrait); LE Gordon - a member of the Harvard Club, President MVEU (Izhevsk), VG Khoroshavtsev - founder of the "Aspect" (Izhevsk), Director of "Bashneft", Vice President of AFK "System" (Moscow) in different years; Alexander Volkov - President of the Udmurt Republic of the Russian Federation in 2015; VV Bogatyrev - deputy. Chairman of the RF Government of SD; YS Pitkevich - Chairman of the Russian Government on the UR 2015. ; T. Shtrung (Germany) - Commercial Director of "Siemens" in Izhevsk until 2004. ; The leadership of the Bank of Russia and the National Bank of SD, SD government. He is a regular exhibitor of the Moscow gallery "Melarus ART" His works are in private and corporate collections in Russia, France, Holland, England, China