Kopniak, Valerii Andreievich

Valerii Andreievich Kopniak was born in 1982 in Penza. He studied in school #35 in Penza. Since 1999 the artist studied at Savitskii Penza Art College. In 2003 he entered the Sculpture and Architecture Academy of Moscow from which he graduated in 2009. The 1st artist's personal exhibition "Sunrise" was held in the cinema. 2006, 2007 - exhibition in Manezh (St.-Petersburg). 2007 - personal exhibition in Savitskii Penza Art Collеge. Also this year Valerii Andreievich Kopniak won the prize "The cultural heritage of Russia" in Moscow. 2009 - the artist won a medal from the "Fund of the cultural heritage" for excellence in painting. 2009 - the participant of V plainair "Montenegro-2009". 2009 - personal exhibition in Penza Artists Union. His works are held in private collections in Russia, China, Germany, France, England, Norway, Ukraine & Italy.