Nikitin, Sergey Borisovich

Nikitin Sergey Borisovich - artist, painter. Born in Artemovsk, Sverdlovsk region. In 1992 he entered the Ivanovo Art College in the department of easel painting. He graduated with honors in 1997. In 1999-2003 he studied at the Graphic Art Faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University in the workshop n.h.SSSR V.A.Igosheva. Diploma with honors. In 2003-2006 he studied at the Moscow State Pedagogical University postgraduate, in 2007. He defended his thesis on "Development of art observation of students in art-graphic faculties on landscape painting lessons as a basis of creative thinking." Since 2007. Associate Professor, Department of Painting MPGU. His works are in museums, private collections and galleries in Russia, Vietnam, China, Germany, Israel, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, the US and other. Countries. Major exhibitions: 1994. Regional exhibition "Autumn Waltz" (Ivanovo), 1995. Personal exhibition (Furmanov), 1997. Regional exhibition dedicated V.Fedorovu (Ivanovo), 1999. Exhibition at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, 2000. Solo exhibition "Zalman Gallery" (New York City, USA), 2001. The exhibition "Art Manege" (Moscow), 2003. Russian Exhibition (Cheboksary), 2004. Exhibition hud. graph. Faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow), 2007. Solo exhibition at the Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow), 2008. Exhibition participants of the international symposium (Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia), 2010. Personal exhibition in the Central House of Artists (Moscow). He is a regular exhibitor of the Moscow gallery "Melarus ART" His works are in the collection of the Ministry of Culture of RF, as well as in private and corporate collections in Russia, France, Holland, England, and China.