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8 июня в ЦДХ закончилась выставка "Михаил Абакумов и его время"

The unique exhibition of artworks of Mikhail Georgiievich Abakumov (People's Artist of Russia, Corresponding member of Russia, Corresponding member of Russian Academy of Arts) is over. These works were taken for exhibition from the collection of the famous Moscow art collectorиз Sergei Brailovskii. 

M.Abakumov's artworks are so bright and full of sunshine thet it is no wonder critics call him the "winged artist", "solar brush of Russia". He was called "a living classic" even during his lifetime. M.Abakumov's art is very patriotic. He sincerely believed in the revival of powerful Russia. Mikhail Georgiievich infinitely loved life, people, he was a deeply religious man. The artist pictorialized his love in his paintings and gave it to us - to the succeeding generations.

Sergei Brailovskii's collection consists of the best artworks of M.Abakumov which the artist couldn't leave for many years. After he was sure in commitment he gave his artworks in good hands knowing his pictures would have been seen, knowing that they would have been freely given for exhibitions.

Great thanks to Sergey O. Brailovskii for fulfilling these promises, for organizing and hosting one of the strongest exhibitions after artits's death - "Michael Abakoumov and his time."

With appreciation, art director of cultural institutions gallery "ART Melarus" Alina Miliokhina.

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