«Melarus ART» Gallery History

The cultural establishment «Melarus ART» Gallery is set up in 2002. Ever since «Melarus ART» Gallery realizes its activity in artistic space of Russia exhibiting pictures of Russian realistic school of painting, graphic arts and plastic art.

The cultural establishment «Melarus ART» Gallery is the active participant of Russian and foreign art projects. The Gallery propagandizes the art works of Russian realistic art, Vladimir school of painting. «Melarus ART» Gallery made its own collection of art works of the distinguished Soviet Union period artists: Sergei and Alexei Tkachev, Valentina Sidorova, Sergei Gerasimov, Dmitrii Nalbandian, Alexei Gritsai, Vladimir Stozharov, Nikolai Romadin, Viktor Ivanov, Mikhail Kupriianov, Porfirii Krylov, Konstantin Maksimov, Viktor Popkov, Mikhail Abakumov, Grigorii Tchainikov, Albert Papikian, Igor Obrosov; founders of Vladimit school of painting: Kim Britov, Valerii Kokurin, Vladimir Yukin, Petr Dik and others.

The cultural establishment «Melarus ART» Gallery provides full cooperation in formation of private and corporate collections. The art works authenticity is certified by author or expert opinion. The Gallery organizes artistic plein airs in order to find young and talanted painters.

The cultural establishment «Melarus ART» Gallery is located in the Central House of Artists in Moscow (10, Krymskii Val). There you can also visit our exhibitions.